Sunday Service Schedule  9:30am Worship 10:00am Sunday School 
10:30am Refreshments

We have decided to venture to Somerville, Tennessee this year and the dates that we will be gone are June 20 – June 30. We will have a couple days on the front of the trip again to do some exploring before we start the week of work.

We will be serving with Group Mission Trips this year instead of YouthWorks.  They serve communities one week in the summer and then move onto other locations.  Group’s focus is more on building/habit projects to help the community.  We will also be serving with up to 400 kids and leaders at one time and also allow kids from 9th grade to age 20 to serve.  Wow 400 kids! So many new friends to meet and serve God with.  Group Mission Trips are faith based so we will still be having that element in this trip too.  We will be needing a firm commitment so we can calculate the budget in the next two weeks.  So please, if you have any questions at all ask one of us leaders, and with that I am very happy to say that Ben Pany has also decided to come along with us this year. So you may ask any one of us any questions you many have.  Your trip leaders: Michelle – 320-293-4375, Donelle – 612-219-9023, James – 612-670-7066 or Ben – 612-695-7597.

Mission Trip​ 2019